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Coltan Ore has, perhaps, been the single most important element to greatly influence the way the world is being shaped today.”

Although you may have not heard of it, Coltan is, in one way or the other, most likely present in your daily life. Every time you use your smartphone or your laptop, in awe of how much smaller and powerful, electronic devices have gotten the years, your are witnessing the potential of Coltan Ore.

Why is Coltan valuable?

To fully understand the importance of Coltan Ore, we should take a quick look into some of its characteristics.

What is Coltan?

Coltan, short for (Columbite-Tantalite), is a dull metallic ore used in many different industries, mainly for its high content of Tantalite: the main component in the production of Tantalum.

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What is Coltan used for?

Among the many uses and applications for Coltan in modern industries, perhaps the most popular one is its use within the electronics and tech world. It is also widely used across the surgical implants, construction, and chemical processing industries.

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How is Coltan mined?

Paradoxically, considering Coltan’s use in the high technology industry, the vast majority of Coltan Ore is mined through a rather primitive process, similar to that of Gold in the 1800s.
Sadly, in many parts of the world, this is linked to, to say the least, undesirable working conditions and an unnecessarily great environmental impact.
Fortunately, companies like BlueStream Coltan promote humane working conditions and eco-friendly coltan mining. Learn more about our policies by clicking the button below.

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More about Coltan

Our practices

Coltan became widely used worldwide during the first decade of the XXI Century. It is great potential in the creation of more powerful and efficient boards and batteries made it a staple in almost every electronic device manufactured in the world today.

Being such a valuable material, Coltan Ore has been the source of many controversies in some of the most conflict ridden areas in the world.

Sadly, its great demand has encouraged illegal exploitation of the environment and of the people working to mine it.

Fortunately, in recent years, more and more companies have set out to only purchase Coltan Ore from suppliers that can guarantee that their product is ethically mined from conflict free sites and through the enforcement of dignifying labor practices.

Illegal exploitation of Coltan Ore has led to an extended deforestation in some parts of the world and the endangering of many endemic species. This, alongside the use of several polluting chemicals, has aided in creating the controversial reputation for which Coltan Ore is known today.

At BlueStream Coltan, and as part of our Corporate Values Enforcement program, we believe in the importance of exploiting Coltan Ore with the upmost respect for the environment from which it is sourced and for our collaborators who help bring the material to the industry.

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