Coltan Ore (Columbite-Tantalite)


We can supply columbite-tantalite (Coltan ore) sourced from legitimate, legal, and conflict-free mining sites in Colombia, certified by the Colombian Ministry of Energy and Mining.
Main components:
1.     Ta205 ~32.87%
2.     Nb2O5 ~13.7%
3.     Fe2O3 ~18.71%

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Coltan is extremely valuable due to its content of Tantalite, which is a highly demanded component in the Electronics, Medical, Construction, and many more industries. It is widely used in the production of semiconductors, surgical implants and tools, chemical processing equipment, protective coating, camera lenses, metal alloys, capacitors; among others.

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    30 MT

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    T/T, L/C at sight, in origin port

  • The Buyer Should come to the origin port

    100% conflict free and certified by the Colombian Ministry of Energy and Mining

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