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The industrial applications of Coltan Ore

Coltan Ore is used in a variety of industries and in various ways. The main reason Coltan is used is because of its high Tantalite content, a mineral from which Tantalum is made.

The uses of Coltan across various industries

The Electronics industry
Perhaps its most common use, is in the manufacturing of Tantalum capacitors, which are used as passive components in electronic circuits.

It is, also, widely used in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, present in, virtually, every battery powered device today.
The aeronautical industry
Coltan is also used to make high-temperature alloys for jet engines and air-land based turbines, with nickel-tantalum super alloys accounting for around 15% of Tantalum consumption.
The medical industry
Coltan Ore is a central component in the manufacturing of medical equipment, from pacemakers to highly advanced surgical tools.

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