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We are the exclusive representatives of our allied Colombia-based mining operation, established in 2012, with our Middle East branch opening in 2018, and our China, Asia & Pacific branch opening in 2019; and we are looking to establish successful, solid, and long term business relationships with companies interested in buying Coltan Ore of moderate and high grades in commercial quantities.

Given the needs for immediate assistance and communication throughout every step of the negotiations, we have set a commercial team in China who will provide you with the necessary information, should you have any further inquiry.

Our venture has been created in direct association with some of the major Coltan Ore mineral exploitation parties in Colombia; aimed at providing the most expedite and cost-effective process for you, as the buying party.

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Mining site

Most of our Coltan Ore is sustainably mined from the Caribbean and Pacific regions of Colombia. Our allied locations have been conditioned to maximize the efficiency, in time, quantity, and resources, in which the material is extracted from the site.

Quality control

In order to maintain the highest of quality standards, we have implemented several quality inspection and testing protocols throughout our allied locations which include, but are not limited to, an analysis of the elemental distribution in Coltan Ore and an analysis to determine whether it is carrying naturally occurring radioactive materials.

Reliable production

Our allied Colombia-based mining operation is capable of consistently supplying Coltan Ore in high commercial quantities and from a broad range of grades with a timely delivery and over a long period of time.

Ethical & Sustainable Mining

As part of our Corporate Values enforcement program, we have adopted a series of protocols involving the ethical mining of Coltan Ore and a series of standards pertaining the working conditions within our allied mining operation. We believe that, as our most precious resource, it is imperative to preserve, to the best of our ability, the integrity of the environment from which the material is sourced and to deliver humane and dignifying working conditions for our team of collaborators.


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Operating permit – BlueStream Coltan
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Mining Permit

Main Categories

Coltan Ore

Iron Ore

Corporate Values


Respect for the source of life, for the potential in the materials mined, and for the importance of maintaining, to the best of our ability, the conditions necessary to perpetuate the natural diversity proper to the environments from which the ore is sourced, is what defines our particular business model.


We believe that, for everything that is taken, something must be given. While a business must aim at profitability to continue to exist, we believe it must do so without foregoing the relevance of the balance between the intertwined elements of what truly matters.


In our line of business, it is greatly important to maximize the value created from all resources. We believe in obtaining the best possible results with the least amount of effort and in the shortest amount of time.

Mining Site

Testing & Inspection

Packing & Loading & Transportation

Our environmental commitment

As a part of our corporate values enforcement program, we have developed an environmental commitment visible in the extraction of Coltan Ore and the operational procedures linked to the nature of our business model.

Low carbon footprint
Low-impact procedures
Minimal waste

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Add: No. 500, Mingzhou Rd., Beilun, Ningbo, China. 315800

Phone: +86 (574) 26897330

Fax: +86 (574) 26896385

E-mail: info-co@bls-coltan.com

Web: www.bls-coltan.com

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