Commercial Agreement between the Industrial Giant: Danyal Group Corp. and BlueStream Coltan

On March 11, 2020, BlueStream Coltan and the Industrial Giant: Danyal Group subscribed a commercial agreement for logistic and supply cooperation. Danyal Group is responsible for a great share of the distribution and manufacturing of the steel products sold in Europe, South America, and the Middle East; for which Iron Ore is used as a major alloy component.

The subscription of this agreement opens yet another door for the expansion of BlueStream Coltan in the Chinese market and enhances the reach of the top quality Chinese-manufactured goods produced by Danyal Group; which rival those produced by famed manufacturers in Germany and Japan.

This new cooperation agreement presents a highly optimistic projection for both the investors of the holding and the clients of both companies as it allows for better optimization in delivery times, quality control, facilities integration, and logistic development.

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