Agreement signed for the Implementation of environmental protection measures between BlueStream Coltan and some of the largest ore suppliers (Coltan, Iron, and Copper Ore) in Latin America

In accordance with our Corporate Values enforcement program, BlueStream Coltan has signed an executive protocol to take effect immediately with some of the largest ore suppliers in Latin America that sets a standard for the implementation of ethical and sustainable practices in the extraction of minerals and working conditions.

This protocol outlines the requirements established for the use of renewable energies, reduction of the carbon footprint, minimization of wastes produced, minimization of the environmental impact caused upon the exploration and extraction in the designated areas, reduced use and affection of water resources, protection of wildlife native to the exploration areas, and enforcement of dignifying working conditions for all members of the production chain for our products.

We understand that this commitment serves only as a first step in an ever challenging search for environmental balance between the actions necessary to sustain the delicate ecosystems from which our products are extracted and the high demand for minerals in the modern world.